Fun Senior Picture Ideas in Chattanooga

If you’re looking for fun senior picture ideas in Chattanooga, you’ve landed on the right blog post! There are SO many good senior picture ideas here, I’ve broken them down into multiple categories:

Incorporate Things in your Senior Pictures:

  1. Balloons! Those big gold balloons that say GRAD or even the years you’re graduating would work great and be super fun!
  2. Florals! Think a field of flowers or one of those cool custom floral bodices! This idea gives me all the hippie vibes and would be so cute!
  3. Your Car! If you’ve got an awesome ride, let’s incorporate that into your senior photography session!
  4. Confetti! But make sure its biodegradable and/or easy to clean up.

Incorporate Fun Senior Picture Ideas:

  1. Glam it up! Incorporate a designer gown and hair & makeup for your senior pictures in Chattanooga!
  2. Books! If you love books, why not have your session at a library incorporating the idea of you!
  3. Animals! Are you passionate about animals? Going to the zoo would be a fun senior picture idea
  4. USA! Are you proud of being an American? Incorporate a flag or something else patriotic!

Incorporate Your Favorite People:         

  1. Your Best Friend! Have your senior photography session with your best friend! Talk about creating long lasting memories!
  2. Your Pet! I LOVE it when seniors want to incorporate their pets into their sessions! Dogs, horses, you name it, let’s do it!
  3. Your Mom! If your mom is your best friend, she won’t be able to resist getting in a few shots with you!

Incorporate Memorable Places:

  1. Downtown! We can shoot your senior photography session in downtown Chattanooga! Take advantage of all the architecture, reflective buildings and historic places!
  2. In the Country! Think creeks, fields, and other gorgeous natural backdrops for your senior pictures in Chattanooga.
  3. A Unique Destination! Don’t want to have the same senior photos as everyone else? How about a destination shoot? Nashville, the Gulf Coast, Savannah, New Orleans, we go everywhere and would love to take you along!
  4. Coffee Shop! Like to spend your time studying in a local coffee shop? Let’s go there!

As you can see, Fun Senior Picture Ideas in Chattanooga are plenty! I can’t wait to grow this list as the ideas come!

If you’re still looking for the right senior photographer, let’s chat!

I can’t wait to hear how you’re going to take over the world!

Fun Senior Photography Ideas

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