Places to Take Senior Pictures in Chattanooga


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

It’s time for the senior photographs you’ve been waiting for!

Here are the TOP SIXTEEN places to take Senior Pictures in Chattanooga for your senior session that my customers adore the most, as chosen by my seniors:

Ooltewah Places to Take Senior Pictures

1. Cambridge Square – This is where our studio is and is the most well rounded photoshoot location on this list. Not only do you get a downtown feel while shooting the square, but we can take walk through the residential area or in the field next door for a more park like setting. We’ll take you on a stroll through downtown and out into the country with one location. Click here for a link to a YouTube video with a tour of our space!

2. Gray Dove – The barn’s rustic backdrop and century old stacked stone fireplace are just few of the most beautiful locations you will find at this picturesque farm! Rolling pastures create many desirable locations for your photos while trees dotting it make beautiful backdrops to capture on camera.

3. Harrison Bay State Park – The tranquil shoreline and nautical vibe of this location will have you feeling like a captain on the high seas.

Places To Take Senior Pictures in Chattanooga

Downtown Chattanooga Senior Picture Locations

4. Renaissance Park – The light in this area is so beautiful and mystical. The sunlight shines through the trees with a soft glow, making it feel like you’re in a fairytale! You can find many different backdrops for your photos here: bridges that make an excellent background with leading lines; stairs leading up to lookout points; we can get stunning views of both downtown as well as nature all around us!

5. Walnut Street Bridge – If you want to be the star of your senior photos, this is it! Maybe walking across that bridge has always made an impression on you. The blue color pops in pictures making for a great backdrop and reminds us all what’s waiting at each stage in life-the possibilities are endless with where we can go next.

6. Under the Bridges – This incredible architecture has a gorgeous view that is both calming and breathtaking. The sunsets behind it, giving you the perfect glow to watch as it sinks into the water while white walls remain classic in style. It’s no surprise why this location is on our list!

7. West Village (By the Westin) / Umbrella Alley – This spot has become one of my favorite places to shoot. It offers a city vibe and it gives you plenty photo options, whether that means the umbrella alley, reflective architecture, rooftop views or vine covered walls – whatever suits your fancy! There’s so many great things about this area. Downtown Chattanooga has amazing architecture for senior shoots.

8. Point Park – This location is downtown-ish and offers one of the best views in Chattanooga. Here, we get dramatic images with boulders and mountains that change as you step closer to them or move away from different angles! The Tennessee River also makes an appearance which provides some beautiful backgrounds. You can even see the downtown skyline below! Make sure not miss out on this amazing spot while exploring places for your senior pictures. 

9. Murals – You can’t go wrong with a fun and fresh backdrop for your senior photos. There are many murals around the city, so you’re sure to find one that fits any personality or theme!

Places To Take Senior Pictures in Chattanooga

North Georgia Places to Take Senior Pictures

10. Chickamauga Battlefield – The centuries old architecture and wide open fields make this an unforgettable senior photoshoot location. With so much history, it really is hard not to be in awe of the natural beauty here!

11. Ringgold Nature Trail – If you are looking for the perfect place to take your senior pictures, this location is sure to match. The rock lined creeks and getting lost in the woods will give an adventure-filled atmosphere!

Places To Take Senior Pictures in Chattanooga

Other Chattanooga Area Senior Picture Locations

12. Greenway Farms – A beautiful senior photo shoot location. It has a large number of different backdrop options such as rolling hills, an old cabin with water feature or even pathway leading up to it for those who want more seclusion in their images . Wide open spaces are available across the property perfect if you’re looking for that laid-back setting!

13. Camp Jordan – The Sports Arena is ideal for seniors who want to exhibit their sports abilities in photographs! They have soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, baseball fields, and other activities.

14. Your Schools Campus – You’ve spent your high school years at this campus, so it only makes sense to share the memories in photos. Let’s capture an authentic shot of you at the location that has impacted and shaped your life here in Chattanooga!

15. Your Home – If you have a special photoshoot setting at your home that you love we can do that too!

16. Your Sports Field – To make your sports photos even better, let’s work together to get on a field at your school for your senior pictures!

I hope that you’ve really enjoyed reading about all of these places to take senior pictures in Chattanooga! We are so excited to work with you!

Meet Your Senior Photographer

Jennifer Anderson is a published Chattanooga photographer serving the community from her Ooltewah studio. 

She has had a camera in her hand since she was seven years old and hasn’t looked back since.

Jennifer is a local wife and mom active in her community and is the resident photographer for Ooltewah Living Magazine.

When Jennifer isn’t shooting (which is rare) she is spending time traveling with her family of six to new places.

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