Volleyball Photoshoot

When I was asked to take pictures of Sarah for a sports-themed Volleyball Photoshoot as her season ended, I expected it to be rather simple. It started out as a simple concept: throwing a ball in the air and hitting it. But I wanted to go one step further and give it a cinematic, emotional tone.

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We started by going out to Camp Jordan in East Ridge, TN, just outside of downtown Chattanooga for her Volleyball Photoshoot. There, we found a volleyball court and I set up some lights to going along with both the sun and clouds.

Volleyball Photoshoot

We first got some simple pictures of Sarah just standing with her ball and the volleyball net. (I almost always like to start with simple compositions first, before I get too complex.)

After getting some of those pictures, we moved on to more complicated shots to really enhance her Volleyball Photoshoot. I had Sarah jump up and hit the ball in front of her, capture it as it came back down, then pose with it. This took quite a few tries before she got it but it was so much fun. We also got some showing off her form as she prepares to hit a volleyball, too.

Then, we walked over to the court covered in water for some creative Volleyball shots. I set up a strobe for this to make sure it didn’t get too dark.

We got some shots of Sarah’s reflection in the water, too! We had a lot of fun at this photoshoot, but I think what made it so great was that Sarah brought her own creative ideas to the table.

This was a fun session, and I’m glad it came together the way that it did. I hope to do more of these Volleyball Photoshoots in the future!

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